16 Nov 2010
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
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This is so typical…Nicky is my psychic wonder twin…I can’t explain it, but here is an example: I decided to blog about Rex Whistler and Beverley Nichols - completely unrelated to bookcases, which Nicky just blogged about yesterday – and wouldn’t you know, the first picture of Rex Whistler I put under the scanner features painted bookshelves NOT to the ceiling!

Beverly Nichols A Thatched Roof cover by Rex Whistler

Okay so, if you don’t read Beverly Nichols this is the time of year to do so, curled up by a smoky fire. Yes, it’s faintly twee, but between the story’s charm and those lovely Rex Whistler’s sketches I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Rex Whistler Sketch courtesy of Timber Press-Jonathan Cape 2

Beverley Nichols only died in 1983 and was best known for his gardening books.  A Thatched Roof is the second in the Allways trilogy and focuses on the house itself, including its re-thatching…and is my personal fave.  It is available in reprint from Timber Press.

Have you ever indulged in one of these literary wonders? Which one is your favourite?

Beverley Nichols outside his cottage in Glatton, courtesy of Timber Press / Jonathan Cape

6 Responses to “Kismet and other stories…”

  1. avatar bruce barone says:

    I have not. But I will now that I have your recommendation!

    I do enjoy picking up and reading passages from Richardson Wright’s “The Gardener’s Bed-Book” and Enid J. Wilson’s “Country Diary,” both of which are within reach of my pillow.

  2. avatar colette says:

    would they be good beach reads??

  3. avatar bruce barone says:

    OH, yes, Colette. Both are diaries, which I consider perfect for beach reading as I can be easily distracted by the sound of waves, the sun and sand, the handsome men and women, the children building castles in the sand–or the desire to simply close my eyes and dream. Of course, if you feel like slipping and sinking into a novel, I have re-read To The Lighthouse and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle a number of times.

  4. avatar bruce barone says:

    P.S. Here’s a book I just ordered from Amazon based upon a recommendation from The House of Edward:

    I recently finished another book that explores the inner workings of the soul better than any archaeologist could. Tinkers by Paul Harding hasn’t gotten very much attention, even though it recently, and deservedly, won the Pulitzer prize. The story of a dying clockmaker, it is a novel in which nothing much happens, but through Mr. Harding’s brilliant use of the English language, we are taken on a journey through the human soul that is as lovely as it is rare. There are sentences here that I read over and over, just to wallow in the beauty of the words.

  5. avatar colette says:

    brill – ive got my Christmas list sorted Bruce, thanks, and keep them coming. xc

  6. avatar p gaye tapp says:

    Beverley Nichols wonderful, tinkers Too. you are lucky to have a twin. pgt

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