2 Feb 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

There is SOMETHING about this state of a job that is slightly thrilling….of course its knowing what lies ahead, its about the potential.  On the other hand cement and plaster are such beautiful materials.  We are doing a cement floor in America right now, sculpted to look like rusticated quoining.  We’re really excited about it.

Dimos Natar obviously understands.  The designer has just done an entire collection inspired by the cement works of Zaha Hadid.



Its pretty easy to think of cement as cold, even imposing. Witness Albert Speers ‘ultimate dome’ as envisiaged for the Great Hall at Volkshalle.  It may have been based on the Pantheon but the scale is rather extreme!!

Le Corbusier obviously loved the material.  Personally I’m  no disciple of his ‘machine for living’ ethos, which is precisely why i studied his work extensively in France.  It didn’t change my mind, however it did make me appreciate the altogether sensory experience of his spaces; La Tourette for example being a deeply moving execution.  Many don’t realize that in person, many of his buildings bare the wood grain stamp of the planks used to cast the concrete which gives them a decidedly more human texture.


A recent discovery of mine is Spanish artist Ana Genoves.  I could absolutely see collaborating with her, based on her various concrete series.


And her ‘White Organizer’ is welcome on my desk any day.



Even at its most rudimentary texture and geometry cement rocks!

5 Responses to “Cementing the deal…”

  1. Love this post + I too am a fan of concrete! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  2. avatar Nick Hodson says:

    Rachel Whiteread looks giving negative space a volume using concrete, quite inspiring and worth a look.


  3. avatar Karena says:

    I love this I would really enjoy a marbelized concete floor in part of my home as art & studio space!

    Fabulous giveaway on my site by Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  4. avatar quintessence says:

    Fabulous post. Speer’s building is indeed monumental just a tad scary to think what it might have been for. And even though La Tourette may seem austere, it is indeed an architectural tour de force. I was not familiar with Ana Genoves – her work is very interesting! Can’t wait to see how your project progresses.

  5. Love this. I’m not a fan of Le Corbusier, either, but I do appreciate the little details in cement work such as the addition of texture, like the wood grain stamp you mentioned. It adds a touch of a natural or organic element to what could otherwise be considered coldly man-made. Thanks for sharing!

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