29 Mar 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

As a self confessed closet ‘Schwitter-er’….ie collage crazy….I was fascinated by Ximena Garrido-Lecca’s current installation at the Saatchi Gallery. No this is not a collage as we know it but 3 dimensional ‘collages’, or what the artist calls ‘a hotel of still lives’.

In Cuzco, Peru the tradition persists of placing the dead in raised vertical concrete structures called nichos.

They are each fronted by a space full of photo’s, flowers and idiosyncratic offerings carefully arranged by the deceased’s family and loved ones.

One finds Baroque, pre-Colonial, Catholic and Pagan influences among the personal touches.

Garrido-Lecca has faithfully reproduced these often joyful still lives.  I’d quite like a mirror lined ‘nichos‘ when the time comes… just for the record! Make mine very camp please.

3 Responses to “MY IDEA OF HEAVEN…”

  1. Inspirational!! Must get to see this.

  2. it looks beautiful and I love this idea. Oddly here- we see little bits of everything sitting on a headstone in remembrance. this is something much more elegant and it might even be worthwhile to design one’s own . pgt

  3. avatar Shelley says:

    Something very like this is in a room at the Memorial Museum in Oklahoma City where the Federal building was bombed in 1995. Each of the persons killed is remembered with a few items donated by their family members. It is a very emotionally moving room, particularly the memorials for the 19 small children. Not as artistic as this one, and certainly not my idea of heaven, but a similar idea.

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