1 Jun 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Things have really changed.  In the 70′s my Barbie’s pretty much looked like this; naked, disheveled, and neglected.  Its was a small comfort to learn on a recent trip to Toronto that Sheldon Wagner has been rescuing heaps of them, which are now for sale in his rarely open gallery on Ossington Ave which he calls ‘Ulterior Design’.  There are hundreds to be had, but it’s an ‘installation’ and surely $3000.00 is not too high a price for a bit of 70′s fun!  This type of heady abandon is not easy to come by anymore after all.

I mean just LOOK at Barbie now, licensed architect, and the AIA are running a ‘Design Barbie’s Dream home’ competition.  Serious stuff.

Its so fun contemplating design with children – they’re natural decorators with heaps of ideas.


Mine covet this house in Shanghai…


And my little one thinks this is a grand idea. 


Not to mention the ‘edible’ bus stops in Japan.  We may not be cribbing these any time soon, but it’s a fun diversion.

2 Responses to “The times they are a changin’…”

  1. Great stuff Collette!

  2. avatar Linda Miller says:

    Lovin Sheldon Wagner’s Barbie installations. Thank you! I also collect and recycle old ones. The marks of the former owners’ tiny teeth on Barbie hands and feet are endearing, but the frequent and mysterious purple texta marks are a problem. Inspired again by you I shall make a copy your NH “Venetian Blind” dress for a long-haired honey blond Barbie.

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