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1 Sep 2011
avatar Author: NH Design

It’s not easy being a pug these days. People too easily dismiss these pedigree pooches as noisy lapdogs that snore, bark and guzzle every morsel with relish, without perhaps understanding that these traits (which cannot be denied) are only a small glitch on what is essentially a large character in a small coat.

Once the Royal dog  for the  House of Orange, they are also immortalised in Meissen, having been the accessory of choice for the Freemasons in Germany in the 18th century. Then of course they have crept into high society through famous individuals such as Valentino, Princess Lee Radziwill and of course the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Now it seems if you want to get ahead get a pug, and we are very proud of the NH Design office pooch Bertie, who has found himself on the cover of this week’s Country Life magazine. The magazine was founded in 1897 and is a weekly magazine focusing on architecture, the arts, gardening and property and they wanted to feature an article on pugs and their owners. Who else could they call upon but NH Design!


Bertie was groomed and preened and ready for his close up. Despite such fame for a small dog, he has remained grounded and will still saunter through the office at lunch finding titbits to eat, he’s not fussy, but as long as its foie gras on Bonio he is happy.