5 Sep 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

You know that Tony Duquette quote, ‘I feel like there is only 15 minutes left and there is so much beauty I want to create, I must must must hurry!’. The other side of that manifesto for living, is that there is so much to be discovered that must must must be shared.  And very occasionally, someone brings to you a gem so rare, so brilliant, it can only make you worry that there are millions more out there undiscovered, unknown.

Terrance Davies

Of Time and the City

3 Responses to “Quietly then…and pass it on.”

  1. avatar helen morris says:

    That was lovely and the music was beautiful. I used to come to England on holidays in the 1960′s and remember streets like that. Well, I think I do, it may have been my relatives home movies that I remember.

  2. avatar MB says:

    Thank You for bringing such a beautiful , moving art piece to us . It helps to sit still
    in a busy world and remember the past .

  3. avatar Patricia Don Diego says:

    How beautiful, thank you for sharing.

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