22 Nov 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

There is no frigate like a book, to take us lands away…(Dickenson).  Well naturally…and may I say my blog on colour matched bookspines received very mixed response…and fair enough too.

But seriously this isn’t a literary blog so I stand by their decorative virtue…and I’m taking the topic a bit further. Folios…for example.  I’m in the middle of designing a library and I will have random shelf heights for art books, novels, and thin shelves like these I photographed in Vienna, for folios.

And not for a moment am I against falsies!  Especially when they make send of secret doors, though this ingenious execution allows for real books in the door.

And I took a cue from Dianna Phipps and have bound my decorating mags in matching linen, as she did with her Country Life’s.

And I found this gem in Nicky’s idea box!! Now wouldn’t that be a great book (real!)..Nicky’s idea box.  Hmmm…that’s worth thinking about.

And books as canvas…love this idea.

This sweet rustic charmer I photographed in the Czech Republic…

Andrew Lord makes concrete books which one couldn’t really say no to could they?

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  1. avatar peggy says:

    Adore seeing all of these. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  2. I love this blog and this entry in particular. Thank you! I will keep reading!

  3. Love books of all kinds…real, faux, anything in between! Hope you’re well.

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