7 Dec 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Seriously. I presume we are all James Lees Milne readers…and this is clearly not the same thing as charming ones way into the grandest of British piles…but I still can’t drive past a boarded up crapper.

Not to mention the fact that the colours on these old barns are a positive delight…

While I have little interest in freshly painted red barns, you will not be surprised to hear that I positively swoon when it fades and drifts towards ashes of coral pink.

And THEN when one walks around the corner and this little tableau of broken window and chair ready-poised for entry…oh oh.  I’m this close to full on B&E.

Thank goodness from my perch on the vinyl covered chair… I can see the Uppark-esque curtains blowing in the autumnal breeze…in consummate state of dishabille…a moment of ephemeral joy, and I can be on my way – morals intact.

8 Responses to “Damn – I’m addicted to country house snooping and I fear where it is leading me!!”

  1. avatar Tish says:

    Whatever floats your boat. I’ll stick to the big piles.

    Funny you should mention JL-M, just started Some Country Houses and their Owners two nights ago.

  2. avatar mary says:

    I love barns–but when they are down to that state, all I can think of are ghosts and bats. Have a great day-dreaming day.

  3. avatar Karena says:

    Oh Colette I think the same thing, turning an old barn into a great loft, then thinking oh dear $$$$$!!

    Well one never knows!!

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    Art by Karena

  4. Colette-

    Happy holidays to you and NH…
    I love the poetry of your images…and can see why you were entranced.

  5. The words that come to mind are “romantically haunted.” Country house shopping is addictive. We’ve been doing so since before we could afford it. Now I think we may be too attached to the hunt itself. We look at least once or twice a month, but rarely make a move beyond that! Maybe soon….

    Lovely photos!

  6. avatar Patricia Don Diego says:

    Wabi Sabi!

  7. avatar columnist says:

    I’m guessing this is in North America. Haunting photos, intriguing tale.

  8. avatar Asher Rozenberg says:

    The wind is howling as I type this, trouble is, once you start tarting it up, the magic and romance vanishes…But I’m sure you and NH know where to stop!

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