26 Mar 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Enough already…but on the back of all the blathering about aesthetically pleasing toothpaste, a dear friend informs me I have missed one. And should you happen to have an art nouveau interior…OR a white a green interior this may be of serious importance.

Apparently it’s usually very hard to find (I believe UK only)…but as I write, there are about 15 boxes sitting on the shelf of Boots, terminal 5, Heathrow.   And before your roll you eyes….did I mention the paste is BRIGHT PINK!!!!!!!!!

4 Responses to “I KNOW…I KNOW…”

  1. avatar Karena says:

    Wow what a find Colette; of course I cannot purchase any here in the states. Have you tried it; is it good?

    I hope you will come and see the feature I have on an amazing sculptor.

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  2. avatar Dash says:

    Ahh my Grandmother swore by Euthymol and indeed it was very fetching in her Art Nouveau Bathroom, I think it’s pink to make your gums look redder and thus your teeth whiter, a bit like the French make Email Diamante, now there is an interesting toothpaste, although I have no clue what style of Bathroom would suit, perhaps a bathroom in a Spanish Hacienda near Pamplona perhaps!

  3. avatar Dash says:

    Oh dear. Perhaps twice, my grammar really is appalling.

  4. Dash i am simply laughing my head off – did not know this toothpaste…it really is much the best and you nailed the sympathetic decor pitch too. Just love it. and its red!!! crazy!! xc

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