14 May 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

When Nicky takes me to the premier of the new Burton movie ‘Dark Shadows’…

And though I’m not carrying a camera, I DO manage to get as close as I probably ever will to my beloved….. (yes I’m talking Johnny)

Not sure WHY we look so grumpy – perhaps its the rain…cuz there’s nothing I love more than Tim Burton, aaaaand Johnny Depp.

NOT to mention Mr Richard Zanuck who I finally meet with a thrill….legendary director in his own right BUT, shining son of that uber inspirer Darryl Zanuck whose film’s I still watch ipad in hand ready to capture long forgotten footage of decorative arts genius.

Not a ton of interior inspiration to be had in this particular film though Nicky and I were inspired by the very spectacular castle floor which Burton assured us does exist ‘in the real’ (as opposed to reel).  Never mind – really I’m just posting this cuz its got Johnny Depp in it.


  1. avatar Susan says:

    You’re such a Johnny lover! Love it. xxx

  2. to-tall-y guilty as charged…..

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