24 May 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Why don’t you….or rather why don’t we all?!!  Make master bathroom vanities front to front instead of side by side like this one I recently spotted in Doris Day’s ‘Do Not Disturb’.  Not that they look blissfully happy.  Perhaps a two sided mirror would be just the thing for matrimonial harmony.

2 Responses to “WHY DON’T YOU…”

  1. avatar Gabrielle van den Berg-Grant says:

    This is a terrific idea!

  2. avatar David Mees says:

    I love double sinks, google ‘Jeffrey Alan Marks bathroom’ for the one that featured quite prominently on Million Dollar Decoratiors series 1. Unlike Doris Day’s it’s right in the middle of the room, fab !

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