7 Jun 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

A little while ago, I posted some images of my desk. I also just styled a really poetic desk scene for a shoot in Barbados and I actually think I could style desks for a living…..it brings me SUCH joy.

They are little wunderkammers unto themselves…..at least the ones I admire are.

And around the time the jubilee…how pretty is this shot of, then Princess, Elizabeth, at her lovingly almost disheveled desk. Fancy a spray of sun-bleached pink carnations? Darn right I do. Bless.

6 Responses to “DESK DRESSING…”

  1. avatar sarah says:

    what a coincidence, I was just doing mine, a bowl of roses, a feathered lamp and a three tier studded bracelet ( tribute to sam wagstaff and robert mapplethorpe), two chelsea putti and some post cards, the thought, I just need a nice letter rack had hardly come into my mind when this popped in, the zeitgeist is ever present

  2. avatar Christopher Chadwick says:

    Nicky , I learn,t so much from you, thank you, you are amazing

  3. avatar susie says:

    And a peppermint aero at a rakish angle can look really fresh…

  4. avatar p gaye tapp says:

    Yes! to the sun-bleached spray of pink carnations.

  5. avatar colette says:

    peppermint aero…..rakish angles – god! Insanely hot!!

  6. avatar Mrs Sutton says:

    Beautiful desk, but I have to say – I’ll take the feathers over the carnations…(as lovely as they are)!

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