19 Jun 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

…But sometimes I think everything is reminiscent of an interior I once knew…….like the other day as I drove through the carwash. Hmmm……

and then later I came across this Paul Beattie on 1st Dibs……and I KNOW what I’m thinking….(and at the same time I’m thinking I MUST stop thinking everything is about design)

But then when I find this dead lobster carcass on the beach, I just HAVE to say this IS Rose Cummings ‘ugly room’ no??!!!!!!

Colour scheme, even the texture…..verbatim!!!!!!!  So amusing.

One Response to “YES I MIGHT BE MAD…”

  1. avatar Tara Dillard says:


    Thought it about the heirloom turkeys in USA. Their colors stunning. Perfect for a room.

    XO T

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