19 Sep 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

She Lay down…

Well she also lay down in the forest…which for all intensive purposes looked ever-so-much like the sea…

and this summer especially found it replete with coral looking fungi…

Well I know there’s a decorating project in here somewhere.  So lets don our best Bob Dylan chapeau and off we go…

It’s my Bajan friend who points out….’everything here looks like the sea!!’

and the more I look – the truer it becomes.

The pekes want to know ‘what IS all this all this divine smelling stuff!’

And in the end it’s a handsome collection of conch fungi….the type we used to carve as children.  Now that brings back memories.

3 Responses to “BEFORE WE GO UNDER…”

  1. avatar mary says:

    I’ve never seen anything like this! Gorgeous.

  2. avatar linda says:

    Fascinating pictures. Specially the peke, and you in that hat. Love that you and the fungi are the connexion with the two most gorgeous men in the world, Dylan and Haslam. God I can’t wait till I can listen to the new CDs from these two. I’m not sure, but your “conches” seem to be what we Aussies refer to as “blackfella bread”.

  3. avatar Anna Kirsen says:

    The childhood memories of nature are always the strongest and these natural fungi shapes offer inspiration on so many levels; shapes for sofa backs, the coral looking fungi would make a great sofa cushion design, the pekes could be the arm rest covering and the delicate threads with the snail could be the hemming round the bottom = one fungi inspired sofa!

    ~ Anna@BohaGlass

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