Press : Guardian – Can you wear Topman at 67?

11 May 2008

Can you wear Topman at 67?
Or is it just mutton dressed as ram? After a lifetime of sartorial evolution – from Eton tailcoats to biker jackets – Nicky Haslam has found the high street. Polly Vernon approves.

Nicholas Ponsonby Haslam – or Nicky Haslam, interior designer to the rich and fabulous, and London’s poshest, most flamboyant, most ubiquitous 67-year-old scenester – thinks it’s rude not to dress young. ‘It’s rude to get stuck in the mud with your look,’ he says. He’s wearing a slim-fit salmon-pink Topman cardigan over a white shirt and a burgundy tie, and nothing but white underpants on his lower half, because he won’t put on his silver/grey suit trousers until his stylist returns with precisely the right-coloured pair of socks – so he should know. He’s got good legs, which is perhaps why he’s unselfconscious about doing an interview in a state of semi-undress. Although it’s difficult to imagine that anything risqué would make Haslam uncomfortable. Risqué is Haslam’s currency.

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