Press : London Evening Standard – Nicky Haslam: Lord of the Dance

6 November 2009

There are certain people who make a party. When they walk into a room, something happens. They give people a fizz. Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, made a party. Noël Coward could make a party, though he wasn’t funny all the time. Unlike Cole Porter, who was more laconic, Coward tried to be funny.

But as the great socialite Lady Diana Cooper said, ‘What else can one do but try?’ She made a party. Frank Sinatra made a party. Paris Hilton, too. She’s marvellous. We were waiting for Paris to arrive at the party I gave last year at Parkstead House in Roehampton, and you could feel a tingle just because she was on her way. Not everyone can spark a party. If you’re not going to make a room fizz, why bother coming out? Stay in bed and fizz alone.

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