Press : The Independent – Nicky Haslam: Hey, look at me! Cool, or what?

7 May 2001

He dresses like a cross between Brazilian rough trade and Liam Gallagher, and parties like it’s going out of fashion. But, asks David Thomas, shouldn’t Nicky Haslam, at 61, be acting his age?

Nicky Haslam has a voice like a fine claret: dry, sophisticated and ever so slightly fruity. He sounds like what he is, a 61 year old, Old Etonian interior decorator, with a select, upmarket clientele. And many of his attitudes, like his accent, fit his job description.

At one point in our conversation he confessed that he was prone to short, sharp outbursts of temper. So I asked him what sort of thing caused him to be irritated. He replied, “Thickness. And I’m afraid the young make one snappy, because they don’t know anything. You know, ‘What’s Berkeley Square? How do you spell Berkeley Square?’ You have to tell them everything. The lack of education is unbelievable, and there’s a lack of interest. They don’t read a paper, they don’t listen to Radio Four. All the kids in my office¬† they don’t know anything.”

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