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Random harvest

September 1st, 2012

This collection is the result of a lifetime spent looking, noticing, and registering my surroundings. Luckily I possess a curious, enquiring eye. As an interior designer I am always on the lookout for the romantic, the rare and the ravishing. I am not interested in the obvious or mundane.

So this is the theme of my new collection. It is contemporary yet timeless, with designs and colours that subtly interrelate.

The designs hark from various parts of the world….”Greenbrier” for example, I first saw as a pattern on a Spode plate in the dim of a tiny antique shop in North Carolina. “Balcony Stripe” was inspired by the shadow of a balustrade in New Orleans, and “Zephyr” by the memory of braid down a toy monkeys trousers. “Mid-day Lace”was originally a Tippex doodle on a scrap of linen, and a real grotto we had made to feed into a swimming pool gave the name to “Grotto”.

Thus RANDOM HARVEST is exactly that; a distillation of designs and colours I loved over the years. All are a delight to use, alone or co-ordinated, and I am overjoyed to be launching this collection with Turnell and Gigon.