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16 Feb 2010
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Nicky has been given the honour of being asked to be the keynote speaker at the opening night of the highly prestigious Design Leadership Summit in Venice.  It boasts as the most unique gathering for principals of leading Architecture and Design firms around the world.

12 Feb 2010
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In November 2009, Nicky was in the USA for the publication of Redeeming Features. During that trip he was asked to appear on the Martha Stewart show! Click on this link to see the whole interview.

11 Feb 2010
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Nicky Haslam with Paris Hilton, from Hi Society

Go to the BBC wesbite and check out Hi Society – an hour long film about Nicky  – written, directed and produced by Hannah Rothschild.

8 Feb 2010
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Sheer Opluence – Nicky’s design book showcasing some of his most beautiful interiors is being re-printed! The new publication date is 8th April 2010. You can pre-order yours here.

Talking about re-prints, Nicky’s memoirs - Redeeming Features - is on its 3rd re-print in the USA! Order your copy here.

4 Feb 2010
avatar Author: NH Design

Nicky was interviewed by Mariella Frostrup on BSKYB for The Book Show yesterday. (Show to be aired on 15th April on the Sky Arts Channel).

Here are some facts she uncovered about Nicky in her interview:

  1. He and Anthony Armstrong-Jones – Lord Snowdon – were lovers. He claims in his memoirs they had “a very brief romance” a year before the latter’s 1960 wedding to Princess Margaret.
  2. His mother, Diamond Louise Constance Ponsonby, was a goddaughter of Queen Victoria. She was known to friends and family as Diana.
  3. His country house in Hampshire was previously owned by John Fowler, of Colefax and Fowler, the upmarket fabric and wallpaper people. Haslam has kept the colour scheme.
  4. He contracted polio as a child and spent 18 months in a plaster body cast.
  5. A 2009 interview with The Times revealed that “his downstairs loo is festooned with notes thanking him for returning corgis to the Queen Mother or sending flowers to the Duchess of Cornwall”
  6. His first interior design clients included MP Nicholas Soames, Camilla Parker Bowles’ brother Mark Shand, and Colonel Gaddafi’s nephew.
  7. He has designed the decor for some legendary events, including the Opera Ball in Hong Kong and, at Mosimann’s in St James’s, the last party the Prince and Princess of Wales gave together.
  8. His print pseudonyms include the names Paul Parsons and Sam Hopper.
  9. He reinvented his appearance in the late ‘90s after a dinner-party rebuke from Charles Saatchi: “Really you look awful. Get it together and go to Commes des Garçons”
  10. Hardly surprisingly, at school, he adorned his study with fake ocelot-skin curtains, ostrich plume pelmets cut out of paper and a carpet of artificial grass.