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31 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Sunday finds me in London, a rare treat since I’m usually in the country….the sun is shining so of course it’s off to the local farmer’s market.  And oh heavens, I’m not even there yet when I’m deliciously distracted by La Fromagerie, and its special ‘cave’ of rare mature cheeses beckons. There’s a massive selections of sheep’s cheese, so much better for one than dairy products, so I’m in heaven….but even more so when I notice that the textures of their surfaces…..some snowy white plastery, some almost metallic, some with textured hides, are like a gallery of works by Giacometti or Brancusi!!  I’m in there, having a ball, let’s face it, Chevre or Brie would make mouthwatering names in a collection of wallpapers.


All of the merchandising is so well done, from the unfinished planks to the ropes and simple utensils. I pick up some Violet Liqueur and admire these wonderful dyed fishnet carrier bags before stopping on my way out for a flame grilled pancetta and gruyere cheese toastie. What a lovely way to spend the morning.   

28 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director


I need a press shot done…so I’m off to see Philip Colbert, the clever genius behind The Rodnik Bank label…can I call it a label Philip? Or is that insulting to your work…IS it work, IS it art?? Philip, who has been touted by Andre Leon Tally as the greatest thing since Andy Warhol has gone undercover for the last couple of years to recharge/rethink his next moves. Thank goodness he is about to relaunch with a flash of sequins at next months Fashion week, February 18th.  I am seriously pleased.  If I ever decide to do a PHD I think I will do it on Philip…I don’t even know him very well but we share the same devotion/fascination with Duchamp, Warhol, De Chirico, etc etc – surrealist fantasies.  Sometimes it’s like he’s making the clothes that I meant to make in my other – fantasy life.

You can imagine the look on my face when I saw these trousers.  Hello?? 

He is hand painting all the shoes in white fish scales.  I’m trying to convince him to paint the floor of his studio fish scales…I’ll keep you posted.

At fashion week it’s going to be all about The Rodnik Band’s ‘wearable artcollection. You can see a sneak peek hanging on the wall behind the girls. Dresses are executed in hand stitched sequins and beads…these are also works that will show in various art galleries AS art. Peggy Guggenheim where are you??

Sunflower dress.

I CAN-NOT-WAIT to see this….thanks for the sneak peek Philip!!

27 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director
Philip Green you little devil….have you been reading our blog??  I realized I have to do these Kismet posts every now and again.  Hot on the tails of our Schiaparelli post hasn’t Topshop filled the Oxford Street store with vignettes of newsprint rooms, furniture, tea sets and architecture!

Newsprint tights would be pretty hot…has anyone done this??


He must have read our pink post too as I see he’s used some Financial Times pages.

This I do think is clever…I know they make houses out of straw bales in California (very green)…perhaps its could be done with newspaper bundles and plaster. Tres chic.

25 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director


I sometimes (especially in January) think I could live on green and white alone…how divine is this love letter debossed years ago into mossy bark. I would like one for valentines day-fast approaching by the way!

And we will wear these to our ‘love’ fete…are you in?
Seriously though, one can get unbelievably green these days judging by whats on the web…German company Indoor Landscaping has invented this greenwall product.
And Brooks Avenue House by Canadian architects  Bricault Design sports a truly green exterior.
There’s green and then there’s ‘green’ and this ticks all the boxes.

I would want steps to the garden blanketed in velvet green, preferably sun dappled like this, but that is a few months away.


 And at the bottom of the garden naturally a Greek temple completely obscured in ivy where we will dine by candlelight, a simple picnic naturally, nothing too grand…



Or if you prefer, a walk on the beach where our little ruin of a pavilion awaits us, lovely and green.

What to say???  Is it me or does green also lend itself terribly well to surrealist imaginings?  Surely it had a special place in Edward James’s heart? Well it certainly has one in mine.
20 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director


I pinched this off the Internet long before this blog was a twinkle in our eye so I’m sorry I have no reference, but lets get down to business….it is unbelievably grey in London at the moment and I may not be able to talk about anything else but thoughts of verdant green until we get just a momentary respite from this gloomth.


Last week was an impromptu meeting with Emily Evans Eerdman, author of Madeleine Castaing,  the publication of which has really pushed me over the top in pursuit of ivy (even plastic I confess)


I don’t think we have exploited the potential of interior gardens enough…but I am working on my own conservatory at the moment and think this idea of an ivy screen is a bit terrific….I’m thinking to have screens made for the garden which if I contract now….might be ready for May???


Our beloved Hotel Voile d’or…..I have mentioned this hotel before…here is another shot from the lounge through to the pistachio coloured bar. Charming, but I’m wanting more green!


Its a gesture, but I want more.


Off to Milan, Maison Moschino is the splendid result of a design project supervised by Rossella Jardini in cooperation with Jo Ann Tan…we’re getting there….


And who hasn’t loved and admired Rose Tarlow’s sitting room with hints of vine creeping in….but no I want MORE!

Ahhh now we’re talking! I want my entire house encased ivy encrusted lucite like this vision of Japanese architect Geneto….well truth be told his ‘Ivy Building’ is being constructed in Tokyo of steel mesh upon which the ivy will grow but i am slightly afraid of spiders so lets wait to see how it all plays out. Fascinating though.