25 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director


I sometimes (especially in January) think I could live on green and white alone…how divine is this love letter debossed years ago into mossy bark. I would like one for valentines day-fast approaching by the way!

And we will wear these to our ‘love’ fete…are you in?
Seriously though, one can get unbelievably green these days judging by whats on the web…German company Indoor Landscaping has invented this greenwall product.
And Brooks Avenue House by Canadian architects  Bricault Design sports a truly green exterior.
There’s green and then there’s ‘green’ and this ticks all the boxes.

I would want steps to the garden blanketed in velvet green, preferably sun dappled like this, but that is a few months away.


 And at the bottom of the garden naturally a Greek temple completely obscured in ivy where we will dine by candlelight, a simple picnic naturally, nothing too grand…



Or if you prefer, a walk on the beach where our little ruin of a pavilion awaits us, lovely and green.

What to say???  Is it me or does green also lend itself terribly well to surrealist imaginings?  Surely it had a special place in Edward James’s heart? Well it certainly has one in mine.

8 Responses to “Just how far can we take this…”

  1. avatar quintessence says:

    Adore this wonderfully verdant post!! From the fabulous fashion confections to the mystifying garden at Las Pozas – I love it all!! Especially since it is snowing here – yet again!!

  2. avatar mary says:

    Thanks for opening my eyes this morning to the glory of simply being.

  3. avatar susie says:

    How lovely Colette!
    I wore an emerald green crepe dress last night to a poetry prize and felt very fresh and pastoral…

  4. Hi Colette Im >>>> with envy
    love the dresses and the wall Fay x

  5. avatar Karena says:

    Collette I love it all the carved wall, those fabulous gowns, the Greek Temple, the steps could be slippery though!

    Art by Karena

  6. avatar colette says:

    oh susie…the temple would be a wonderful place for our next duet dont you think? and room for the cow too. x

  7. avatar Brillante says:

    These images make me dream of Spring around the corner. I love ivy on buildings and those gowns, so fabulous.

  8. avatar Karena says:

    Oh Collette I have given youan award on my site come and see!
    I keep going over the magazine and love your style so much!

    Art by Karena

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