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28 Feb 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Speaking about quiet luxuries like toothpaste…can we also talk about good old common sense luxuries like I get at the Lotus Club in New York?? I am always only too happy NOT to be staying at the trendiest hotel where I can’t work my digital key, or most other things for that matter.

I mean how about a simple sign by the heating to tell you how to use it!

How about the untold luxury of tissues by the bed (instead of some dreadful dried organic something or other)

How about HOOKS to hang my towel and robe on! In a bathroom where there is a window and I can actually SEE to put my makeup on.

And the sheer bliss of a sensible phone with simple instructions that I DONT have to look up in some manual that I can’t find!

Or a REAL hairdryer!!!

And a REAL key that I can leave with the smiling concierge.  GOSH I THANK YOU.

Drinks at the latest lobby bar? Yes please, but when I come ‘home’, I just want some common sense.

23 Feb 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

So quick like lightning…Patricia Gaye Tapp of ‘Little Augury’ blog, writes me to say she cannot bear the idea that I don’t have a satisfactory dustpan and she sends me to ‘remodelista’ for something quite chic in stainless steel – brilliant – but I like my cleaning products a little more ol’ fashioned for some reason.  The pretty horsehair brushes though, they are spot on – and they link me to another site called Kaufmann Mercantile based in Brooklyn.  It’s a gem can I tell you – or as you can tell from these photo’s.

And if my Marvis toothpaste is neither butch nor modern enough for you…this might suit! Couto in a beestinging yellow and black!

Or Botot in Anise flavor!! HOT!!

21 Feb 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

I’m still so delighted with my red velvet vacuum cleaner, and readers seemed to be too!  It got me thinking that there is probably, hopefully, all sorts of divinely decadent every day items out there that perhaps I have not discovered, or perhaps they dwell in far away lands in markets as yet untraveled.

Another fav of mine…is Marvis toothpaste…which looks ever so nice on the counter, and comes in enough different coloured tubes to suit most any interior decor!  My personal favorite is Jasmin Mint – which the tube tells me wields ‘The surprising charm of a sweet floral mint taste dedicated to women‘…

Well, Nicky happens to love it too but whatever.

Now really, what I am after dear reader, is a beautiful milk jug – preferably porcelain, and NO the Sophie Conran jug which is so close, but just doesn’t quite work since the bag tips over.

Also, a wonderful looking dustpan and brush????

I’m waiting!!!!!!????

14 Feb 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

About as popular as New Years eve in my books…but I am rather fond of cupid, especially when he’s thinking pink…

Or sporting white plaster…

Or being naughty and playing Bacchus…

Then he gets REALLY naughty, and that’s too much, bad boy.

And I love the allegory of his arrows, both golden tipped and leaded…

And when he makes his putti cry, that’s just too too sweet for words.

and when JC de Castelbajac sketches him around Paris it makes me smile, and love him more.

I’m getting gushy…..must go now and buy some chocolate…for myself.

6 Feb 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

This weekend I had to buy a vacuum cleaner….do you, like me, dread seeing unattractive cleaning things in your cupboards??  (and FYI I am on the prowl for the most beautiful dust pan and brush!)   So I just about wept for joy when I saw this at Peter Jones.  Bless you Miele and whoever in your ranks decided to launch this red velvet vacuum cleaner.  Now if you only would have wrapped the hose in velvet we really would have been set….