23 Feb 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

So quick like lightning…Patricia Gaye Tapp of ‘Little Augury’ blog, writes me to say she cannot bear the idea that I don’t have a satisfactory dustpan and she sends me to ‘remodelista’ for something quite chic in stainless steel – brilliant – but I like my cleaning products a little more ol’ fashioned for some reason.  The pretty horsehair brushes though, they are spot on – and they link me to another site called Kaufmann Mercantile based in Brooklyn.  It’s a gem can I tell you – or as you can tell from these photo’s.

And if my Marvis toothpaste is neither butch nor modern enough for you…this might suit! Couto in a beestinging yellow and black!

Or Botot in Anise flavor!! HOT!!


  1. avatar PGT says:

    so glad to help- and thrilled to have my name in lights at NH- that’s what I’m talkin about! pgt

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