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29 Jul 2011
avatar Author: NH Design

Some things in life go so well together you cannot but help wonder how they existed before they found their perfect partner. It could be anything from food, people, flowers, the list is endless…but when you find the right combination you hold onto it and treasure it. Nicky has done just that for the past 40 years with the Hunting Lodge, his house in the country. You cannot think of one without the other and through this understanding Nicky has spent many hours developing and nurturing the garden.

The ‘green rooms’ – of beech hedges, geometric box borders, secret paths and Gothick gazebos – were created by John Fowler, the co-founder of Colefax & Fowler, who once owned the property. Now, though, Nicky has added colour and scent to the herbaceous borders – roses, foxgloves, astrantia, alchemilla, catmint, pinks and sweet peas – have all been planted by Nicky.

The Daily Telegraph recently interviewed Nicky about his garden and can be watched by clicking here

27 Jul 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Seriously, I received a well-deserved e-slap recently when I inadvertently cribbed a picture from my new friend Irene Miller.  Such are the perils of the virtual life.

You may have seen our blog on gauze, Pretty but Naughty which featured what I believed to be a still from the old 1917 Great Expectations movie – and therefore did not worry about careful accreditation.  Our blog has an automatic NH watermark that goes on all our blog photos in an effort to stop lazy bloggers from outright theft – which happens – a lot!  We DO try and give proper credit when we use found photography, which pops up when you scroll your curser over the pic.

But in this case, I didn’t clue in that I was looking at a very recent set design, and photograph by Irene,who also happens to be Canadian! So I received an email from someone I had never heard of called Irene Miller.  She wrote to me, sweetly actually, and just asks that I please correct it.  I learn she is a terrific photographer in galleries all over Canada and worldwide…and I have cribbed her Miss Havisham photograph!

In a way it was a backhanded compliment to her work I point out!! And fortunately she has a good sense of humor…

She is on the board for ‘Stratford off the Wall’, an artist’s alliance who specialize in theatre production workshops.  One particularly alluring class called ‘Setting the Scene’ is where she snapped this vignette 3 years ago!!

Anyway Irene, I can’t say I’m entirely sorry – because now we’ve become cyber friends! …and I look forward to seeing you in Stratford.

And by the way…have you SEEN Marchesa fall 2011?? Totally Miss Havisham…totally have been reading our blog. Yes indeed.

25 Jul 2011
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

The weekend was spent in the most beautiful and spectacular surroundings of the Port Eliot Festival. Situated on the Cornish coast, the festival organisers came up with the idea having realised there was a niche for a new kind of literary event, but with the craic of a music festival.

 I was asked to be one of the speakers on good modern British dandyism, in particular the recent publication ‘The Day of The Peacock’, which I had reviewed for The Spectator earlier in the year. They had skinny handsome models wearing original 60’s kit who sauntered around in the Cornish sun, looking like gods straight from Carnaby Street. The weekend was rounded off with a pub quiz, alas not winning, but plenty of fresh Cornish sea air, crabs and beer to lift ones spirits before heading back to London. 

20 Jul 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

You may have heard a little rumour that we are designing the entrance lobby for Decorex 2011!  Very exciting….and made even more so by the fact that Philip Colbert has agreed to work with us to add a fashion element to our surrealist dreamscape. And who better let’s face it.   His last collection featured the most dramatic take on lobster-wear I have ever seen.  Makes Wallis’s dress look positively old fashioned.

I have to confess we are ALWAYS up for a lobster.  As you can see here we even worked them into our table-scapes for the Cartier Windsor Polo decor a few summers ago.

GaGa’s on the bandwagon too….as my colleague Ethan reminds me.

And my office sports a few hidden darlings – just for good luck.

Recently spotted in Brno….I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sweet and suitable lobster cartouche as this restaurant wields. It puts the Red Lobster to shame.

And do NOT miss the fact that they have been worked in 3D grisailles into the window surrounds.  Subtle, brilliant, and suitable…I do believe even Elsie might approve.

While I confess I have not used it, I think Georgia Horton’s quadrille wallpaper is very clever indeed.

14 Jul 2011
avatar Author: NH Design

So after the wait, Grandpa Ponsonby’s ship is back in London. SS Robin arrived yesterday amongst much excitement and is temporarily moored at Newham docks in East London. Nicky was interviewed by the BBC and is very much looking forward to having a tour and possibly a party on board when she is fully restored.


To watch the BBC News interview featuring Nicky, please click here.