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31 Oct 2010
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Last week Tuesday I attended the launch of Bryan Ferry‘s brilliant new album ‘Olympia’ – his first solo album in eight years. It’s a wonderful display of his talent and I’ve been playing it on repeat to everyone in the office – and my car – ever since.

Kate Moss - Bryan Ferry's Olympia

At a private dinner at Dean Street Townhouse in Soho that Bryan and Haper’s Bazaar gave in celebration of this magnificent album I was seated next to the breathtaking Kate Moss. She’s a true siren and a modern day, timeless beauty. Sitting beside her, as usual, she gave me whiplash.

Kissing Kate Moss 1

Kissing Kate Moss 2

I can’t remember exactly what she said but it was just completely brilliant and I just went for it…Snogging my personal Olympia…Thank you darling. You are too sweet, really!

29 Oct 2010
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Just spotted Snow White on the Embankment and she is NOT looking so good. And is it me or is she having a smoke right beside the non-smoking sign??
Snow White
Well anyway, she stormed off when she saw me taking her photo.

Snow White running off

WHATEVER. Happy Halloween everyone! What are your plans for the weekend?

29 Oct 2010
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Colette’s description of her bold childhood room yesterday got me excited and I thought I must share with you mine.

Great Hundridge Manor

A view across the wheatfields of Great Hundridge Manor in Buckinghamshire, where I was born. My bedroom is the first attic window on the right.

My childhood room was a small square one in the attic at the house where I was born, Great Hundridge Manor, in Buckinghamshire. Two of the walls were low till child height then slated in-wards to the ceiling, so the light from the dormer window came flooding in to cast strange cubistic shadows.

My bed was a nondescript affair, where Belinda, my beloved rag doll, reined among many floppy animals, stuffed and real, as my mongrel Annie and Poodle Pablo at night would sleep there day and night.

Also a upright piano where I practised with my music teacher, a chest of drawers with Aertex shorts and shirts neatly folded by my devoted nanny Teresa, whose room was identical next door.

I had a wind up gramophone, with needles that had to be changed every few records, on the floor, and lots of paints and papers lying around. There must have been a chair, this I don’t recall it: and the curtains were short and striped. I most remember a luminous Scottie –dog lamp that had come with me from my nursery.

Now, share with us your childhood room!

28 Oct 2010
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

I’m in the mood for serious colour.

NH Design Green Mood Board

I spotted this photo of a ’70′s exercise room and it brought back memories of my first decorating project. An indulgent mother allowed me to create the room of my dreams (at the inspired age of 7) which was comprised of a grass green shag carpet, punchy daisy wallpaper, yellow chintz curtains (for perpetual sunshine!) and a Verner Panton toucan lamp (recently spotted on 1stDibs, I might add).  It was sheer heaven and I remember distinct feelings of pleasure every time I walked through the door.

1973 Exercise room

This exercise room with its flock walls, shag carpet, and bespoke ceiling lights makes me smile and I shall perhaps call Stella McCartney the next time I design one, in order to request bespoke workout wear to match our décor.

Tell me about your childhood room…

27 Oct 2010
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Moscow Building Colour

My brilliant interior artists Paul and Chris Czainski have just returned from an installation they are assisting me with in the city and shared a few shots taken around Moscow.

Moscow Ceiling

I wanted to give you a glimpse of this vibrant city in case you haven’t yet been – you know, the monumental scale, the dazzling colours, the chic undergrounds.

Moscow subway

But, the best I’ve seen in a long time was this little doggie door with the lace café curtain. Simply too adorable and since I am always espousing a dash of wit in my interiors it seemed worth sharing.

Moscow Doggie Door

Thanks Paul and Chris for picking up more of what I always love to see.