28 Oct 2010
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

I’m in the mood for serious colour.

NH Design Green Mood Board

I spotted this photo of a ’70′s exercise room and it brought back memories of my first decorating project. An indulgent mother allowed me to create the room of my dreams (at the inspired age of 7) which was comprised of a grass green shag carpet, punchy daisy wallpaper, yellow chintz curtains (for perpetual sunshine!) and a Verner Panton toucan lamp (recently spotted on 1stDibs, I might add).  It was sheer heaven and I remember distinct feelings of pleasure every time I walked through the door.

1973 Exercise room

This exercise room with its flock walls, shag carpet, and bespoke ceiling lights makes me smile and I shall perhaps call Stella McCartney the next time I design one, in order to request bespoke workout wear to match our décor.

Tell me about your childhood room…

6 Responses to “Bless the 70′s!”

  1. This exercise room is a riot! Actually I was around in the 70′s and I don’t remember anyone exercising so this room is ahead in many ways. Isn’t the outfit too much fun, maybe that is what we need, less black and more fashion and colour fun to keep us smiling and plugging through on our routines. This post gave me a few good chuckles this morning. Hope you share some more retro design and weren’t you the little genius designer? XO

  2. avatar colette says:

    actually – did we excercise in the 70′s??? i thought we just smoked and did the hustle. Im glad you enjoyed the post- i think there are certainly gift wrap ideas here too. xc

  3. Nicky – I had a bathroom similar to that – bright orange carpet, yellow walls and a claw-footed tub that was yellow with stick-on flowers all over it (think VW bug style flowers). My shower curtain was clear plastic, with big orange, yellow and hot pink polka dots. Those were the days!!!

    P.s. Colette – have you tried to do the hustle lately? It is serious exercise! lol

  4. Oh Colette, your selections of greens just took me back to my teenage room. The entire thing was painted lime green, with orange curtains and one wall had these huge flowers (hand painted by me, of course) in red, yellow and orange. It was a psychedelic craziness. But I loved it.

    Boy, have my tastes matured!

  5. avatar Carole B says:

    What a riot of green, great fun. My teenage room was lilac and deep purple with huge posters of Elvis. I really thought I was going to marry him.

  6. avatar yhbhs says:

    what a crazy and fantastic photo! i wish my gym looked more like this, if it did, maybe i would go more often!

    all the best,
    david john
    YHBHS interiors : art
    los angeles

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