29 Jul 2011
avatar Author: NH Design

Some things in life go so well together you cannot but help wonder how they existed before they found their perfect partner. It could be anything from food, people, flowers, the list is endless…but when you find the right combination you hold onto it and treasure it. Nicky has done just that for the past 40 years with the Hunting Lodge, his house in the country. You cannot think of one without the other and through this understanding Nicky has spent many hours developing and nurturing the garden.

The ‘green rooms’ – of beech hedges, geometric box borders, secret paths and Gothick gazebos – were created by John Fowler, the co-founder of Colefax & Fowler, who once owned the property. Now, though, Nicky has added colour and scent to the herbaceous borders – roses, foxgloves, astrantia, alchemilla, catmint, pinks and sweet peas – have all been planted by Nicky.

The Daily Telegraph recently interviewed Nicky about his garden and can be watched by clicking here

10 Responses to “Lodge Love”

  1. A gorgeous bit of paradise! XO

  2. avatar Regina says:

    I know what it is like to live in a FOLLY…here in Pasadena, The Pavilion San Rafael, although not as old as Mr. Haslams. I cherish it’s Bijoux rooms that are cozy yet elegant. Loving gardens as well, green is the main color although the old world blue of the pool with time worn umber glaze on the plaster does go nicely with the vermilion of the pool pagoda.

    I am curious…I tried emailing regarding ordering SHUTTERSTRIPE linen…IT is the only fabric for these historic windows I would love in my kitchen. Can you help?

  3. avatar mary says:

    All for the love of place–it is truly magnificent. Thanks for sharing.

  4. avatar quintessence says:

    Totally loved the video. His affection for it is like that of a parent for a child – so charming.The only thing missing was the scent, which must be glorious!

  5. avatar Colette says:

    Regina, of course. Please email naheda@nh-design.co.uk re the fabric. We have all been travelling a great deal with work AND summer pursuits. If you prefer, email me direct at colette@nh-design.co.uk. I have done many many things in shutter stripe and it constantly delights. x Colette ps – send pics of that pool plaster please!

  6. avatar Regina says:

    Dear Colette,

    Naheda was THE prism for Beauty…with her help as well as my husband, I now have SHUTTERSTRIPE here ready for it’s closeup, as Norma said to Cecil!

    Thank you ~ Thank you…

  7. avatar Colette says:

    Regina thats so so lovely of you to let us know. Please send pics when ‘Cecil’ sees fit. xx

  8. avatar Naheda Fustok Mikati says:

    Dear Regina,

    I am so glad you received the Shutterstripe! As it is ‘ready for its close-up’ please do send us pictures of how it looked once installed. It would be great to see pictures of the NH Shutterstripe in different rooms all over the world!

    Best Wishes,

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