21 Feb 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

I’m still so delighted with my red velvet vacuum cleaner, and readers seemed to be too!  It got me thinking that there is probably, hopefully, all sorts of divinely decadent every day items out there that perhaps I have not discovered, or perhaps they dwell in far away lands in markets as yet untraveled.

Another fav of mine…is Marvis toothpaste…which looks ever so nice on the counter, and comes in enough different coloured tubes to suit most any interior decor!  My personal favorite is Jasmin Mint – which the tube tells me wields ‘The surprising charm of a sweet floral mint taste dedicated to women‘…

Well, Nicky happens to love it too but whatever.

Now really, what I am after dear reader, is a beautiful milk jug – preferably porcelain, and NO the Sophie Conran jug which is so close, but just doesn’t quite work since the bag tips over.

Also, a wonderful looking dustpan and brush????

I’m waiting!!!!!!????

9 Responses to “CAN WE TALK?”

  1. avatar Kari says:

    Only you could find pretty toothpaste!!
    While the florals chosen here are not my favorite the concept could work. Decoupage party perhaps??

  2. avatar PGT says:

    I want you to have the perfect dustpan and brush- here something I just saw this morning-otherwise I would take a snapshot of my 99cent plastic one-or the big yellow industrial one down in the cellar! http://remodelista.com/products/stainless-steel-dustpan

  3. avatar Victoria Garofalo says:


    My Maddie would LOVE these. And I don’t mind that she would be working and playing at the same time!

  4. avatar Tish says:

    What flavor does Nicky use?

  5. jasmin mint of course – probably only because the tube is violet..!

  6. avatar peggy says:

    I spied a leopard dust pan with a leopard brush… the coolest! I am in CA. so can’t remember where I saw it…I will think really hard. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  7. avatar bumbleathome.blogspot.com says:

    I’m sure Labour and Wait or Ancient Industries would have a wonderful dust pan and brush,I agree pretty ‘dreary things’ are so important.I have just started a blog about life in a pretty house in the Australian country would love you to take a peak it’s called bumbleathome.blogspot.com

  8. avatar bumbleathome.blogspot.com says:

    How about Labour and Wait I’m sure they would have a great dust pan and brush.

  9. avatar bumbleathome.blogspot.com says:

    Woops please draw aveil over the fact I have made three comments,I am brand new to this.

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