31 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Sunday finds me in London, a rare treat since I’m usually in the country….the sun is shining so of course it’s off to the local farmer’s market.  And oh heavens, I’m not even there yet when I’m deliciously distracted by La Fromagerie, and its special ‘cave’ of rare mature cheeses beckons. There’s a massive selections of sheep’s cheese, so much better for one than dairy products, so I’m in heaven….but even more so when I notice that the textures of their surfaces…..some snowy white plastery, some almost metallic, some with textured hides, are like a gallery of works by Giacometti or Brancusi!!  I’m in there, having a ball, let’s face it, Chevre or Brie would make mouthwatering names in a collection of wallpapers.


All of the merchandising is so well done, from the unfinished planks to the ropes and simple utensils. I pick up some Violet Liqueur and admire these wonderful dyed fishnet carrier bags before stopping on my way out for a flame grilled pancetta and gruyere cheese toastie. What a lovely way to spend the morning.   

7 Responses to “Chic Cheese on a London Sunday morning”

  1. Im missing it SOOOOOOOO much fay xx

  2. Oh, Dear Nicky and the Nicky-ettes…


    Can’t wait to go there when next in London–and we are looking forward to your Fromage-inspired wallpapers and finishes.
    cheers, DIANE

  3. I am so going to get cheese in LA+ next time in UK-loving your blog!I feel some chic wallpapers are on their way-great xx peggybraswelldesign.com

  4. avatar Karena says:

    Nicki how wonderful I think a platter of fabulous cheeses, crusty breads, fruit and wine makes a perfect presentaion!

    Do come and join my Amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa! PS Tell Colette as well!

    Art by Karena

  5. avatar quintessence says:

    I should have known better to read this when hungry!! Everything looks simply delectable. I adore cheese and actually recently wrote about my favorite local cheese monger as well!

  6. avatar Susan says:

    Nicky – glad to see you are not letting the drab winter weather get you down! Wonderful post – thanks for sharing. xxx

  7. avatar sabine says:

    j’en veux, avec une bonne baguette aussi!!!!!! merci ça donne envie

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