20 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director


I pinched this off the Internet long before this blog was a twinkle in our eye so I’m sorry I have no reference, but lets get down to business….it is unbelievably grey in London at the moment and I may not be able to talk about anything else but thoughts of verdant green until we get just a momentary respite from this gloomth.


Last week was an impromptu meeting with Emily Evans Eerdman, author of Madeleine Castaing,  the publication of which has really pushed me over the top in pursuit of ivy (even plastic I confess)


I don’t think we have exploited the potential of interior gardens enough…but I am working on my own conservatory at the moment and think this idea of an ivy screen is a bit terrific….I’m thinking to have screens made for the garden which if I contract now….might be ready for May???


Our beloved Hotel Voile d’or…..I have mentioned this hotel before…here is another shot from the lounge through to the pistachio coloured bar. Charming, but I’m wanting more green!


Its a gesture, but I want more.


Off to Milan, Maison Moschino is the splendid result of a design project supervised by Rossella Jardini in cooperation with Jo Ann Tan…we’re getting there….


And who hasn’t loved and admired Rose Tarlow’s sitting room with hints of vine creeping in….but no I want MORE!

Ahhh now we’re talking! I want my entire house encased ivy encrusted lucite like this vision of Japanese architect Geneto….well truth be told his ‘Ivy Building’ is being constructed in Tokyo of steel mesh upon which the ivy will grow but i am slightly afraid of spiders so lets wait to see how it all plays out. Fascinating though.

4 Responses to “Darling – its simply too dreary for words…..”

  1. avatar p gaye tapp says:

    oh! you and Emily, how wonderful. would love to have been there-Emily, is as “‘real” as she is fab. lots of snow here actually-ice kept be from making a trip to Miami tuesday, but such sunshine yesterday I was a bit overwhelmed. the dress Is OMG. g.

  2. avatar Beata says:

    If you get your entire house encased in ivy encrusted lucite I will be green of envy – mark my words!

  3. avatar Karena says:

    Colette, I adore the idea of the ivy screens indoors and out!

    Art by Karena

  4. So clever to think of a ivy screen……….may steal your idea for outoors this year Collete. Hope the sun shines soon but it is gray and drab here as well. Good reading weather. XO

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