28 Jan 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director


I need a press shot done…so I’m off to see Philip Colbert, the clever genius behind The Rodnik Bank label…can I call it a label Philip? Or is that insulting to your work…IS it work, IS it art?? Philip, who has been touted by Andre Leon Tally as the greatest thing since Andy Warhol has gone undercover for the last couple of years to recharge/rethink his next moves. Thank goodness he is about to relaunch with a flash of sequins at next months Fashion week, February 18th.  I am seriously pleased.  If I ever decide to do a PHD I think I will do it on Philip…I don’t even know him very well but we share the same devotion/fascination with Duchamp, Warhol, De Chirico, etc etc – surrealist fantasies.  Sometimes it’s like he’s making the clothes that I meant to make in my other – fantasy life.

You can imagine the look on my face when I saw these trousers.  Hello?? 

He is hand painting all the shoes in white fish scales.  I’m trying to convince him to paint the floor of his studio fish scales…I’ll keep you posted.

At fashion week it’s going to be all about The Rodnik Band’s ‘wearable artcollection. You can see a sneak peek hanging on the wall behind the girls. Dresses are executed in hand stitched sequins and beads…these are also works that will show in various art galleries AS art. Peggy Guggenheim where are you??

Sunflower dress.

I CAN-NOT-WAIT to see this….thanks for the sneak peek Philip!!

7 Responses to “WE WANT YOU!!!….or rather I want to only wear Rodnik…and Nicky wants a pair of those brick trousers!!”

  1. avatar Beata says:

    Would love an upload of a photo of you in one of the Rodnik designs Colette!

  2. Thanks for a divine “peek” post, Colette+great stuff Philip! cheers from S. CA..xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. avatar mary says:

    Yes, we need Peggy back with us. Great design/art.

  4. avatar colette says:

    im workin on it Beata…so glad you introduced me to Philip. x

  5. You must model one of these creations Colette…………you could pull these off! XO

  6. If I was 17 again, the sunflower dress would be mine. In the U.S. it would have been sold at the wonderful Paraphernalia dress boutique. We had many giggly moments in the dressing room. Thanks for the memories.

  7. avatar Karena says:

    I go for the Piet Mondrian, okay the Colbert yellow and white as well!
    Just fun, exciting pieces!

    Art by Karena

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