22 Sep 2010
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

I just cannot stand wire hangers. And I cannot think of any excuse for using them. Can you?

In fact, I dedicated my column in the September issue of Beauchamp Estates’ newsletter to a lamenting session about the dreaded things. You can view the full newsletter here.

Have you found a wire hanger useful? Ever?

12 Responses to “About those Wire Hangers…”

  1. Padded hangers always remind me of musty old guesthouses for some reason. I think I’ve found the balance with high quality – finely sanded so as to not nick my fine garments – wooden hangers.

    But I think that hangers, like underwear, is a hugely personal choice. If you’re willing to wear cheap, scratchy lace, perhaps you’ll hang your robe on a wire hanger?

  2. avatar Carl says:

    Totally agree – they are next to useless. I got so annoyed with mine that during the renovations of my house which we have just completed I allocated a small room to become a walk in wardrobe. Now my shirts sit neatly folded on shelves and said hangers were donated to charity so they are probably now annoying someone else.

  3. avatar Sunny Merry says:

    A must have in America. How would we make our S’mores without wire hangers??

  4. avatar Sue Main says:

    They are foul! My husband though finds them useful when servicing the AGA! (God knows what he does with it!)

  5. avatar Roy Tompkins says:

    Great for breaking into cars whose keys have been locked inside…

  6. avatar Bruce Barone says:

    They are rather ugly, aren’t they? But our clothes always come back from the dry cleaners on them; at least he knows our names–Bruce and Susan. We usually give them back to him. But I have found them sometimes rather useful. For example, not too long ago, I needed to run a wire from one outlet to another which was about five feet below. They were separated by a counter. I struggled with the pushing the wire, a cable for a TV, actually, for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, I thought, use a wire hanger to guide the cable down to the bottom outlet. Volia! It worked.

  7. It will depend on the way you look at it and exactly where you will be coming from on the topic really. In the long run attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, but Now i’m with you on this one.

  8. avatar Beata says:

    They are useful if you have a very small wardrobe. It means you can fit more clothes in – a traditional wooden hanger actually takes up rather a lot of space. But hopefully I will have a bigger wardrobe soon, and there will be no more need for these wirey villains!

  9. avatar Alison M says:

    I had a lot when I was younger, got rid of most of them. Not great for clothes…but…I used one years ago to replace my car aerial when it was vandalised, re-shaped the body like a flying bird, and stuck the cutoff hook in the hole. People loved it. Now I want to do the same again – and I haven’t got any!

  10. avatar colette says:

    sounds cool – i forecast a relaunch of arials (bird shaped….as patented by you..) and reel to reels. Im totally over the iphone.

  11. avatar chryse says:

    i’m going to try making xmas ornaments with them: they’re good stiff wire that, once you get into the shape you want, will resist deforming among the other ornaments for 11 months of the year. they’re free, lying around in your house somewhere, they come in different colors of metal or sometimes white, and they make a great armature or frame for lots of craft stuff. for hanging clothes, of course, they are detestable. every time i see something hanging on one, i can’t help quoting Joan Crawford (allegedly): NO WIRE HANGERS!!! EVER!! :)

  12. avatar Marilen says:

    Maybe, I am the only one who find SO usefull these type of hangers. My closet is so small, by I have lots of stuff to put in there. So this small hangers help me put everything in without taking space! I usually ask every man and friends to give me their hangers! :-)

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