28 Sep 2010
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Syrie Maugham cover

I have been eagerly awaiting this latest Acanthus Press publication on Syrie Maugham, titled Syrie Maugham: Staging the Glamorous Interior.  Not only does Barry Cenower at Acanthus always produce the most beautiful tomes, but I was terribly pleased to be asked to be included in this particular one.  See page 262 for my Syrie-esque contribution.

Syrie Maugham P262 by Nicky Haslam

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  1. avatar Franklin Kakies says:

    Dear Mr. Haslam–
    I loved seeing your work mentioned in the new book about the legendary Mrs. Maugham, as I’ve been a fan of yours “forever”. Indeed, I have such fond memories of the first time I walked into your shop, on a trip to London with my Mother in 1978. tho my admiration certainly pre-dates that.

    I just posted an article about the Metcalf book on my writing blog:


    in which I quote a favorite Nicholas Haslam-ism, and thought you might be amused to read it.

    Cheers from an admirer deep in the provinces!

    Franklin Kakies

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