22 Oct 2010
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Came across this photograph of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis in a 1969 Vogue.

Clough William-Ellis

He is the architect of that fabled Welsh village Portmeirion which musician Jools Holland covets, and he was also the architect for all the additions to my parents home Great Hundridge Manor as mentioned in my autobiography ‘Redeeming Features’.

I wish I had been old enough to have known him, and to see for myself how chicly dressed he was with his white ‘slip’ waistcoat and spotted handkerchief.

And that pipe!

3 Responses to “Clough Williams-Ellis”

  1. avatar Bruce Barone says:

    What a wonderful photograph. At first I was unsure if that was smoke or his mustache!

    Interesting and fun video. It makes me want to run outside to my small garden and see what surreal additions I might make to it!!!

    The villages looks like the village where the TV show The Prisoner was filmed.

  2. avatar helen morris says:

    Oh my goodness, Portmerion, pugs, hot pink and gingham all in the last few posts. I think I’m going to like it here.
    I have taken note of the idea of lining lampshades in pink. Another flattering effect can be made by gilding glass or Perspex with gold leaf then burnishing to a mirror finish. The refections are warm toned and golden.

  3. avatar James Hogg says:

    When I made a film about Clough Williams-Ellis at Portmeirion a million years ago he was about 93 and had just had his cataracts seen to. I asked him if he’d had to go to London for it.

    “No, had it done by the best man in the country. Indian in Bangor.”

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