12 Oct 2010
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Nicky Haslam & Colette vd Thillart in her shutter stripe dress

I was so flattered to read little augury’s blog post about my Shutter Stripe dress!

I promised I would give a sneak preview of my next ‘interior fabric gone fashion’ ambition (enter drum roll here) so here it is.

Vogue '60's outfit

Well, truth be told, I’m not sure I could pull this off, but when I ran across it in a 60′s Vogue the other day my heart just stopped. It would be terrific in our own NH Design, ‘Zephyr’ fabric, don’t you think?

NH Design Zephyr Fabric

Hmmm too tempting for words…

3 Responses to “Interior Design Inspired Fashion”

  1. avatar p gaye tapp says:

    Colette- So I think you can totally do this- for a more “everyday work wear” option- super skinny pant and corset might mimic the look. The dress is a HIT. LA had over 1000 unique visitors Yesterday to see it. Thank YOU for the inspiration.

  2. avatar colette says:

    PG Tapp – you are naughty indeed. You wouldnt belive the things i would dare to wear (much to the chagrin of my children), and here you are encouraging me. Now I am actally thinking I could indeed pull this off in BArbados for Christmas, and my colleague Ruthie assures me she knows where to get the socks made – which was a concern. so, watch this space as they say. and thanks again.

  3. I love it. So beautiful and remarkable. Hope you are well.

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