24 Nov 2010
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Back in balmy June, the Savoy approached me and asked if I would consider reviving last year’s cabaret I did at Bellamy’s to celebrate the re-opening of the fabulous Beaufort Bar. The room is to die for, black with gold niches, the smartest room in the Savoy, certainly was after I had finished moving the furniture and rearranging the cushions – once an interior designer, always an interior designer!

The invitations alone could be used as uber chic cladding, black satin embossed with electric green lettering announcing SAVOY. Last night was the opening night and 80 guests came including the wonderful Cilla Black, Barry Humphries, Gary Kemp and Dave Gilmour. I performed (note: not sang, am only too aware my talents lie in interiors and not singing!) the magical songs by Cole Porter whose lyrics have such depth, I simply adore his music. The Savoy mixed a couple of special cocktails for the night: a spin on my favorite ‘An Old Fashioned’ and produced ‘A Nicky Newly Fashioned’ (blows your socks off!) and a chic champagne blend ‘Sheer Opulence’ in honor of my book.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber & Nicky Haslam at the Beaufort Bar at the Savoy

Gordon Ramsey joined in briefly as he was at the opening of the Savoy Grill and as you can see from the photo Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber came along too. Utter bliss, to be surrounded by ones friends who all enjoyed themselves and the staff at the Savoy are such a joy to work with, will be sad when my Savoy stint is over, but what fun!

5 Responses to “Beaufort Bar Cabaret”

  1. avatar p gaye tapp says:

    how fabulous ,with Cole Porter it is all about the lyrics and performance is everything. I do hope you recorded it, and do share what a great holiday that would be.

  2. avatar Diana Jane says:

    ‘Sheer Opulence’ champagne blend: LOVE IT!

  3. avatar JSmith says:

    How fantastic! I’m only sorry I’m not in London to see your turn at the Savoy. The invite alone sounds as marvellous as your jacket looks!

  4. avatar bruce barone says:

    How handsome you all are!

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