27 Nov 2010
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

We ‘fur’ a lot – throws, rugs, tassels…you name it! Fox or faux…really don’t mind and you’ll notice it a lot in our interiors shots.

Leroy & Scarpa samples

These wildly colored faux fur for example, from Leroy & Scarpa, are a terrific find and are making their way into our current designs.

Leroy & Scarpa samples

I am also eagerly awaiting the return of my Scandinavian colleague Beata, who I hope is going to tell me that Saga Furs is still in business so I can get my hands on a pair of this totally fabulous mink sailor jacket…are you kidding me! Must have.

Mink Sailor Jacket - Saga furs

And these fur coveralls? Just cannot get enough!

Fur Coveralls

In fact about the only thing I can’t abide by is fur in my teacup, which may have amused Meret Oppenheim, but slightly creeps me out.

Meret Oppenheim fur teacup

Do you fur?

3 Responses to “Do you fur?”

  1. avatar bruce barone says:

    Susan, my beautiful and inspiring fiance, has a gorgeous fur coat. Alas, it has grown too heavy for her. She is now trying to decide what to do with it. In fact, today, we are going to see a seamstress from Russia who works nearby about cutting it up and turning it into throws for a chair or couch. What do you think?

  2. avatar colette says:

    Definately…i’ve done so in the past. Coat styles change etc and there is no point in it hanging unloved in the closet. Put a cashmere back on it for a throw and you two can spend the winter under it!

  3. avatar kris says:

    Thanks for the plug Colette! à bientôt

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