15 Nov 2010
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

ARJ was THE place to go for super cool hi-fi in the 70’s. It was owned by Alexander Jones (Annabel Astor‘s brother and Sam Cameron’s uncle) and I think we all still love this techy groove, especially in traditional interiors, and especially when NOT hidden away in cupboards. I also like the bookcases he has installed in his home which are very simple painted ones, stopping short of the ceiling. Makes one positively long for a reel-to-reel.

Looking at Hi-Fi at Home Nov 1979

Geoffrey Bennison‘s example of brass bookcases, which he installed in Sir George Weidenfeld’s flat so many years ago, (and bearing a startling resemblance to Billy Baldwin‘s room for Cole Porter, no?!) are another successful example of this non-built-in look, and charming too.

Publisher's House Style 1978

The wonderful P.E. Guerin in New York still produce these brass etageres, which they call the Baldwin Porter Etagere.  A look that never tires, I think.

Baldwin Porter Etagere PE Guerin

And for those living with more modest ceiling heights, try very low bookcases, like I’ve designed for my clients time and time again.

NH Design low level painted book case

4 Responses to “Get Your Groove On”

  1. avatar bruce barone says:

    When I lived in my loft (which also functioned as an art gallery and photography studio) I had three large floor to almost-ceiling bookcases. I moved in with my fiance three years ago and had to give those bookcases to a friend. I miss them sometimes but I have found the low cases work rather well–and I always wanted piles of book on the floor and now I do!

  2. avatar Karena says:

    My bookcases are overflowing and stacked on the floor as wll!!


    Art by Karena

  3. avatar colette says:

    me too! much to my husbands chagrin…he’s a virgo, what can i say.

  4. avatar Brillante says:

    When I see books and bookcases I am happy! When I enter a house without books I am scared!
    Thank you for putting my blog on your blogroll, much appreciated.

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