8 Nov 2010
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

One of the points of this blog, I hope, is to push the boundaries of what and where one looks for inspiration.

Malachite Brooch from 1stdibs.com - Dealer: Craig Evan Small

I personally have a complex relationship with Malachite, and yet at times I adore it, such as the Malachite fabric in the Tony Duquette fabric collection.

Tony Duquette Malachite Fabric

I’ll be using that somewhere, somehow…and yet I confess I had never considered printing malachite voiles until I came across this 70’s  Vogue interior by Michael Szell. (worth Googling.)

Michael Szell Dining Room in Vogue

He had a strong sense of pageantry and occasion, but was always sensitive to the visual impact of strong colour combinations:  He was quoted as saying “You must always think to yourself: now can I face that design in the morning with a hangover?”. I have to love a man who thought this OTT dining room (his own) fit the bill. And by the way – you probably won’t be able to tell from the photo, but the floors were gold leafed – LOVE.

3 Responses to “Malachite Madness”

  1. avatar quintessence says:

    I also have an on again off again thing with malachite, although that malachite brooch is simple spectacular. LOVE the Michael Szell quote! And not quite sure if I could face that room under those conditions!

  2. avatar colette says:

    i know – im re-thinking my hangovers as we speak. x

  3. Ahh.. I see my friend Stacey has been here. You got me on Duquette. I knew him years ago and am a great fan of his prodigious output, despite the numerous fires that destroyed so many of his beautiful things. I’ll be back!! Come visit us, as well.

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