27 Dec 2010
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

I’m surrounded by colours I  adore here on the island of Barbados, and while there are some legendary and charming houses – especially Messel, but others too – I’m going to keep it very grassroots. My beach is especially giving visually – partly because we are in the north where it is very undeveloped and there is no one to sweep our beach every morning.  The blessing therefore, is that I spend hours combing it myself with my eyes, and finding the most incredible inspiration.  This really is my meditation (since I can’t sit still in reality).

Pink grocery store wall in Barbados. Photo by Colette van den Thillart

Colour blocking on the walls of the local grocery store, well really I’m sure they just ran out of the right colour paint, but could it BE more like a Rothko??

Pink Driftwood on the Barbados beach. Photo by Colette van den Thillart

Why is this tree stump on my beach pink? Is it moss? Could you conjur anything more divine than pink driftwood? What about a coral pink driftwood room – now there’s a thought…

Fishermans nets washed up on the beach in Barbados. Photo by Colette van den Thillart

Fishermans’ nets washed up…my perfect colour, and there is something about the frothy-ness, almost like some sort of plastic passementerie!

Crab shell on Barbados beach. Photograph by Colette van den ThillartPoor mister crab – but what a colour…I have mixed coral pink with tobacco in my own interiors here and it’s heaven. The tobacco stops the pink from being too girly and keeps it contemporary looking.

Pink Pompoms from Mother Nature. Photo by Colette van den ThillartI planted this in my garden – pink pompoms from mother nature – too good to be true.

Wall art from the NY MOMA. Photographed against Sister Parish ottoman by Colette van den ThillartAnd this I bought in the New York Museum of Modern Art when we were working on Columbus Circle…it’s made of rubbish – need I say more?  (Oh and it’s photographed against my Sister Parish ottomans – too perfect.)

Barbados chattel house in all shades of pink. Photo by Colette van den ThillartLocal chattel houses in all shades of pink

Barbados outdoor kitchen. Photo by Colette van den ThillartI know outdoor kitchens are hot in North America but I haven’t seen a pink one yet – whoever knocked this up is too adorable for words.

Lanvin coral pink dresses - Vanity FairLanvin in on the act (it’s a great colour to wear, I can attest)

5 Responses to “Coral Pink – Second in a series”

  1. Hello Colette its a few years since I was in Barbados but I know what you mean . The “Rothko “is amazing and all the others are uplifting and delicious and bring a smile to the face Thankyou fay xx

  2. avatar Sharon says:

    To see some of the world through your eyes is such a refreshing treat…love you

  3. avatar Karena says:

    That is one of the most beautiful shades in the world!! I adore Coral Pink. Thanks Colette

    Art by Karena

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  5. avatar Jadyn says:

    Such a beautiful collection of pictures. That pink-colored driftwood is amazing! I love that you compare wall of the grocery store to a Rothko, it is so true!

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