19 Feb 2011
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam


A young American couple brought me this Art Deco cicada pin when they came to stay at the Hunting Lodge.  Instead of wearing it I pinned it onto a pleated lampshade in the sitting room.

The next day it wasn’t there!!  Darling Jean, who looks after the house, thought the bug was real and had thrown it into the garden!

Since then I’ve been on bug watch and have found these little buggers in all sorts of places…


Francois Decorchemont’s vase at the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs


These snails crawl over the cornice of a d’Ornano interior by Henri Samuel….

Iridescent scarab beetle wings, like the living one below, inserted into this Indian gold filigree embroidery are deliciously three-dimensional to the touch.


And here’s what is surely the apotheosis of buggery!  Jan Fabre’s densely scarab encrusted ceiling in the Salon des Glaces, Belgium.



If ONLY I could wear this to the Oscars….very appropriate, as I’m going to have lunch beforehand with Leonard Stanley, who was Tony Duquette’s assistant for many years.

4 Responses to “‘BUGGERS’”

  1. avatar quintessence says:

    Oh dear – wasn’t she suspicious that it was pinned to the lampshade? Love the beautiful Indian embroidery and spectacular Fabre ceiling!! Oh and the stories Stanley must have to tell!!

  2. avatar mary says:

    Hello Nicky, I am absolutely loving your “Redeeming Features” – can’t put it down.What will I read next??!
    I too collect cicadas, or cigales when in Paris, and have one similar to yours. Each one has a special story.
    Keep blogging – I have just “found” you.
    Mary from Brisbane Australia.

  3. avatar Colette says:

    Dear Mary – thank you! Nicky also blogs occasionally for the Telegraph. You can google it or friend us on facebook if you are so inclined. kind regards, Colette

  4. avatar mary says:

    Thanks Colette, I will. Mary

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