22 Feb 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Evening Standard readers will be aware that Nicky recently had an operation…all hands on deck for the convalescence décor! Find director Chris Sweeney busy custom dying Schiaparelli pink pajama’s….Colette having an Elsie Mendl type red and white stripped bedpillow sewn lickety split….WITH side pockets naturally! (why are these impossible to find in the UK?? I thought this was the land of breakfasting in bed). Props ready, the glamorous Henrietta Channon whips out her iphone, naturally set to uber cool ‘Hipstamatic, to take this luscious shot of the patient. Nicky is now back on his feet I’m pleased to say, and in receipt of the all clear from the doctor (the equally glamorous Lord Darzi).


Elsie, of course, new how to do it right.  Just LOOK at that bed tray, pockets for stationary, reading light, chintz bedpillow with satin back support…and of course Blue Blue…to keep away the blues.  Don’t miss the gauze cap either (daycap??).  Oh, and pearls, yes Elsie…good point.

 I am and have always been a staunch believer in breakfasting in bed.  I’ve just ordered one of these wicker trays because I’m realising I need to ‘up’ my glamour game especially as the children are now old enough to deliver.

 Lesley Blanch…a fan never hurts…

Stephen Tennant…seriously a fan NEVER HURTS darling!!!!  He shows off a bit of wrist action to David Hockney.

 Diana Cooper of course always got it right.  Nicky tells me her neck pillow was gauze, and she also wears sweetest nightcap and has a very proper (and by that read functional) bed desk set up beside her.

 Maury Paul (aka Cholly Knickerbocker) got it really right – white jacket service naturally, and a bit of leopard print to go with it.

Iconic photo of Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell, as photographed by Cecil Beaton.  This is SO right it hurts.  Cecil famously worked in bed until noon each day, arriving for lunch here or there, fresh as a daisy.  I do think one could devote an entire store to the art of breakfasting?  Trays and trinkets, peignoirs and pencils, porcelain and picale….we would be happy to collaborate!!

9 Responses to “Darling you look MAARVELOUS”

  1. avatar katherine bryan says:

    love this…each photo better than the last….love the feather fan!!!!!!!katherine

  2. Quiet amazing these breakfast tray+people. Glad Nicky is on the mend and looking fab., I might add.

  3. avatar mary says:

    Glad that you are up and about–the pink pj’s are gorgeous–Daaaahling.

  4. NICKY–Godspeed, and we’re all so happy you’re on the up and up!
    I think it is now, officially, chic-er than chic to be photographed in bed.
    You’ve started (re-started and styled-up) a trend. Cheers.

  5. avatar p gaye tapp says:

    Nice bedfellows- and a rush of invalid wanna be-s will be knocking for special needs. I hope there was an extra pair of lavender somethings on hand for comfort too. pgt

  6. So glad to hear you are “out of bed” Nicki though you could maybe laze about having your pic taken for another few weeks and no one would be the wiser. I think I might take to my bed for a few weeks until all this dreadful snow melts. XO

  7. avatar linda says:

    Thank you Colette. Who’da thought that “Shocking” anything would be so right on a retiring violet like NH? Wonderful to see the recovered doyen’s adorable smile. Longtemps I hadn’t had a whiff of Schiaparelli’s lovely old scent, but you’ve brought it back to me, together with happiness. XOX

  8. avatar Linda says:

    Wicked hot shocking beautiful entry Colette. XOXO

  9. avatar Margaret says:

    So glad that Nicky is on the mend! And yes, side pockets in all PJs should be standard fare! My Southern mom was never without matching side pocket robe (for hanky), and matching slippers. I, however, am happy for clean sweatpants, and my daughter inherited the ‘side pocket PJs’ gene. XO

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