18 Mar 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Well, if you thought my matching bookends were in bad taste brace yourselves!  The über controversial Anna Nicole at London’s Royal Opera House has closed curtains on its 7 day run and….I LOVED it.  Not so much the music (too Sondheim for me) but everything else about it including the Miriam Buether’s sets, which I simply cannot get proper pictures of-maddening!  The opening set was a slightly surrealist stylised log cabin all painted matte salmon pink – just super cool.

Yes, there were dirty words and some disturbing perspectives on modern life and media, but it was thrilling to witness such a thoroughly contemporary production, and to see the ROH brand the event with a sense of humour.

Every the putti sported Anna Nicole’s face, watching from the gods…


YES! Even bespoke curtains with muscle bound dudes flanking an Anna crest.

Bands of lipstick kisses framed the monogrammed panels.

The Larry King set – I SO miss Larry.

from www.telegraph.co.uk

I ran into James Ostrer…who did the naked Freud photo of Nicky for the National Portrait Gallery  and asked him what he thought…’OH MY GOOOOD GOD, I thought that was one of the most incredible evenings I have had, pure genius. I absolutely loved it. The sets were like David la Chapelle’s work had been thrown into a blender with a vintage copy of playboy and a load of one dollar shop items with sprinkles/marshmallows on top. Excellent to not actually have to pretend you understand what is happening in an opera quite frankly’. 

And the crowd went wild!!!!!!!!

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