26 Mar 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

What a pleasure to be awarded the Stylish Blogger award from Claudia Juestel at Adeeni Design Blog!  Thank you so much Claudia.  We are having such fun making new friends in cyberspace and we’re learning a lot too.  Now, apparently we are to share 7 things….so just to be contrary I thought instead of doing the stylish thing…I would share some cheeky behind the scenes moments with you!

1.  Although I blogged on pistachio, I didn’t mention at the time that Nicky writes all his business emails in pistachio text….regardless of content…its pistachio all the way.

2.   Nicky frequently leaves notes on my desk to make me laugh….like this one which reads…’Who’d have thought Ozzie was a closet Dorothy?’

3.   Now you may know that Nicky LOVES to sing…like this night at the Savoy…

But can I tell you how hard it is to get your hands on the microphone when he’s around???  He must really love Suzie to have given her this ‘moment’….

4.  He Christmas’s in Palm Beach with his dear friend Terry Kramer.  I love this pic of him and his friend Fritz von Westenholz…

5.  Nicky is famous for hosting, decorating, and attending the worlds most glamorous parties…but you may be amused to discover that he once decorated and hosted a party (baby shower no less) in a moving van (!) for his long time star of a PA, Flora Connell. 

6.  When we first visited a client’s house in Ireland, where I took this sweet pic, we spent two days on site discovering the house.

….I heard my name being shouted and shouted, …I found Nicky in this little music room…’wait for it!’ he said smiling…and then threw his hands up in the air, out of which flew the little butterflies he’d been collecting  in the window wells.

7.  He may kill me for this pic…but we are both Pastrami worshipers and never miss a chance to indulge when in New York!

And lastly, we are to pass on the kindness, and therefore, first, as the young can be so inspiring….we nominate two beautiful bright young things who write at www.helenglory.com  - pass it on Frances!!

And, since we are ever inspired by history…we MUST nominate this blog that our friend Dr Melanie Doderer-Winkler has just turned us on to…..National Trust no less! Beware, you may be lost for days…. www.nttreasurehunt.wordpress.com

from www.nntreasurehunt.wordpress.com/author/nttreasurehunt

5 Responses to “Giving thanks…”

  1. avatar bruce barone says:

    What a wonderful way to begin my Saturday!

  2. avatar Karena says:

    Very exciting to see images like these Colette! You are the best! And Nicki of course.

    Off to visit your nominees!

    Art by Karena

  3. You are welcome Colette, and Nicky of course. This confirms even more why I selected you guys. :) What wonderful insight into your lives you have provided here. I love chartreuse, and Nicky likes its cousin pistachio. :) Love the party in the moving van and the butterflies. Going to NY in a few weeks, note to self: must have Pastrami sandwich.



  4. avatar Brillante says:

    Colette, this was fun! I need to brag since I was also nominated by Claudia Juestel (once in a lifetime my Blog’s name was mentioned with NH’s one. What an honor!!!).

  5. Thanks very much for awarding the National Trust Treasure Hunt blog – what fun. I, too, have found that readers really like behind-the-scenes and how-is-it-done stories – it makes it more real, doesn’t it?

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