31 Mar 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Somewhat recently my uncle made a delightful genealogical discovery on the maternal side of my family.  My French Canadian great great grandfather, scandalously at the time, married a native Huron Indian and thus I am a not too distant descendent of their marriage.  My dear friend Tom, upon learning of this, has had more laughs at my expense…so I send him this smoke signal…

Dear Tom,

How you have made me laugh….can we just agree that you obviously never got over Cher circa 1973 in her Half Breed video??  Anyway she’s half Cherokee not Huron all-right?

Your palpable jealousy is perfectly understandable…Nicky also dabbled in these dreams before turning to the gypsies for inspiration…

…and this talisman you’ve made…which I treasure…and the fact you took the trouble to superimpose my face on it…really got me thinking about this (that and your relentless laughing).  I really SUIT this style, and you know my hair was quite like this for a while in the 80’s before we knew each other.

Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images

 …and what IF my tribe comes to claim me like Audrey Hepburn in ‘The Unforgiven’…. (my favorite western by the way)

 …you WON’T BELIEVE how beautiful it’ll be…

from www.shesgotplenty.wordpress.com

 First of all my wardrobe…hot…

from www.shesgotplenty.wordpress.com

 …REALLY hot…

 …the Wigwam will be divine…all bark covered…you can sleep in the teepee when you visit.

I can still bring some NH fabrics into the mix, they look great with this pinecone fabric and bark covered chest of drawers…It’s going to be great Tom. Tom Tom…(get it?!)


  1. avatar quintessence says:

    Love love love this hysterical but of course stylish look at your newly discovered heritage!!

  2. I think you have started a new trend- WIGWAM CHIC. remember when it runs wild in the department stores it was all because of you! I think I need a smoke.

  3. Those French Canadian men must have all been up to something Colette. I have the same story but Cree (probably most Canadians have a similiar story). On the wedding certificate it says married “Cree woman” not even her name! I thank that bit of Cree blood for my skin which is remarkably wrinkle-free for my age. Vanity aside, I would like to know more about my Cree history. To make it all the more interesting, my maiden name is Churchill! How’s that for a mix? Hope all is well. XO

  4. avatar mary says:

    I’m in stitches–such a great touche. Have a great week-end in the teepee–did you install running water? Thanks for the morning pick-me-up.

  5. avatar Colette says:

    yes! and how DID i manage to get that smoke signal in the form of an ionic column!!??

  6. avatar Kari says:

    I’m weaving beads and feathers into my next collection while performing a ceremonial dance at the campfire in your honour oh mighty feathered one!

  7. avatar Ethan says:

    Did you intentionally place Dario, the Canadian Supermodel’s Pic or it was a coincidence. (BTW she is from Mississauga). I can totally envision Tom W in that Cher Circa 1973 outfit…. He will be so Fierce…. I am getting a song flash back from Lucian Freud’s Birthday (After) party “He Got the Look “.

  8. avatar Thomas says:

    Great actors, wonderful design and photos. I like these website. You do a good job !

  9. avatar Colette says:

    ethan – total coincidence (or was it – my ancestors have their ways!)

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