23 Apr 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

This week I made a new friend!  Jillian and I were discussing decorating, when my fingers inadvertently wandered into her bowl of chocolate sweets and to my delight they tasted pretty much like dirt!  Jillian tells me all about the health wonders of Chia Seeds…which I had never heard of…and since dark chocolate is also a great antioxidant I think this is a real find.



It gets me thinking about ‘unexpected’ flavours…and my love affair with some of them.

‘A candy of elegance from a more civilized time’

C. Howards Violets are a favorite of mine.  So much so, that when I used to travel for work, my youngest would ask me to leave a pack with her for comfort.


Canadians will remember Thrills gum with its distinctive rosewater taste.  I am amazed, and so pleased that it has survived with its legendary soapy taste…which they now brag about on the package!  I remember this sensation so well from childhood…that feeling like you shouldn’t be enjoying this and yet there was something strangely alluring about it. 

A little googling tells me that one of the nastiest tasting candies is ‘Durian‘ made by Conila….which is described as tasting like gasoline and onion.  Shame about the onion part because I was thinking that if gasoline tastes half as good as it smells this could be a find.

  And how much pleasure did we derive from tasteless wax as a child…is this strange penchant universal?

My French Canadian grandmother often brought us honeycomb, which looked a little more sophisticated but 3 seconds in was essentially tasteless wax.  We still loved it.

We never had Haribo gummies but I would have adored their fried eggs – still love looking at them.

They make a ‘small teeth’ version too – Dali would have applauded, no?

And one I have never tried but love the gross factor…‘Brain Lickers’ …a sour liquid candy that you apply like a deodorant on your tongue.  

 DO share your sensational sweet stories with us for Easter!

5 Responses to “Good Sensations”

  1. Never smoked but LOVED my chocolate smokers outfit at Christmas.

  2. avatar Gaye Tapp says:

    happy Easter, what a basket of horrors that would make-Hannibal Lector thanks you for the brain lickers Clarissa.

    as children my cousins and I would eat-wild onions and with a honeysuckle chaser. I always thought those wax lips were pretty tasty-I know it left a permanent taste for wearing Lipstick in my mouth- pgt

  3. avatar Susan says:

    I love these chocolate-covered marshmallow ‘eggs’ that is a South African Easter delicacy. My sister (bless her heart) brought me an entire box of the stuff this year when she popped over for a visit. My tastebutts thanked her. My love handles sighed. They were delicious.

  4. avatar Colette says:

    Sounds heaven Susan….send some over?

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