18 Apr 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

You know, when I see pasta like this…looking ever so much like passmenterie…I am reminded of its decorative merits.  C’mon…tell us about your macaroni picture memories…

Mine certainly never looked like this.  Arabella Boxer used to go to town with her Vogue ‘Food’ spreads.

Osborne and Little have been at the food theme lately with the March adverts in World of Interiors.

Then Nicky put this on my desk today…British artist Graham Lester….and for you international readers…the chocolate ‘Flake’ stick in it is a dead giveaway.

Paper sardines….my children better step it up!!

2 Responses to “PLUG IN YOUR GLUE GUN KIDS!”

  1. avatar Dash says:

    Gosh happy days, making pictures out of pasta and pulses! And necklaces made out of melon seeds which were never as good as the sweetie ones you could eat, the first image reminds me of the BBC’s great spaghetti hoax:

  2. avatar Colette says:

    Dash thank you for your comment – what a great story. Nicky remembers the BBC piece well and i had never heard it so loved. xColette

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