8 Jun 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

I’ve mentioned Susie MacMurray before.  I follow her work, in fact own a piece, and yet we’ve never met, so I was very pleased when she contacted me regarding her exhibition at Agnew’s Gallery.  Then annoyed to discover I would miss the entire thing due to various travel commitments.   I asked if my colleague Natalie could attend with a camera however, and fortunately it was a ‘yes’!

'After Flock'

‘After Flock’ is bronze turkey feathers dyed black.

MacMurray’s material range is extensive and one of the things that keeps me tuned in.  She has an eye for the unexpected not dissimilar to how we look at interiors.

The little decorator voice in me says ‘that looks QUITE Grinling Gibbons!’

Or like melting pearls…


In fact it’s called ‘Feast’ and is made of clingfilm.

'Swarm' 2011

‘Swarm’ 2011 was executed of modeling wax and lay pins.

We’ll meet soon! Meanwhile MacMurray is represented by Agnew’s Gallery at 35 Albemarle Street.

2 Responses to “Sensory Experience…”

  1. avatar Blue says:

    The cling film “Feast” is quite eerily beautiful. I couldn’t see from the gallery website if the exhibit is on through the of the month when I will be in town. I would love to see the piece in person, as it were.

  2. avatar Colette says:

    Blue, im afraid the exhibition is over but you could certainly contact Agnews if you wish to view the piece – i also adore it. c

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