20 Jun 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

These young artists in Vienna walk the streets with self authored miniatures pinned to white overalls.  The works are small vignettes of their canvases, and they are for sale.  It takes chutzpah to self promote like this….I like it.

7 Responses to “Thinking Outside The Box”

  1. avatar mary says:

    What a great idea! Just imagine all of the different kinds of people one would meet.

  2. avatar susie says:

    Perhaps I should wander about with the best sentences from my new novel embroidered on my sleeves to whet people’s appetites. Maybe not…
    Susie x

  3. avatar Kari says:

    I wonder if I did that in Toronto if anyone would get it…..

  4. avatar Karena says:

    Hmm mm Colette I could have ensembles made from some of my works of art!

    Art by Karena

  5. avatar Juno Gemes says:

    Gutsy and very cool!

  6. avatar Colette says:

    susie – go for it – i would wear it!!

  7. avatar Colette says:

    kari – dont tell me we’ve begun caring??!!

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