20 Sep 2011
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

Yesterday Colette and I went to Claridge’s for the unveiling of the House of Worth Couture Lingerie.

We were amazed at the most stunning collection designed by Giovanni Bedin, young, French, and handsome, and the in-house designer for Worth, the legendary Parisian maison de couture house, most famous for its classic scent  Je Reviens, Giovanni has, for this season, created incredible soi disant lingerie,  made entirely of lace and trembling bows and rosettes of velvet stiffened with whale bone, but as Colette said she would want to wear any one of these exquisite frou-frous  to go out pour une soiréeavec les shorts tres tres miniscule ‘-typical Colette- she is French-Canadian after all!

This season Giovanni has also added ravishingly beautiful dresses in shades of smoky black and ivory white. One dress that particularly caught our eye was a full length black lace and cobweby net column, the net overskirt haphazardly strewn with black burrs, as it you had run through a midnight glade. Unfortunately this amazing spectacle was for only one day but it will be in Browns any minute. Je will Reviens many many times to see them and I’m certain you will to.

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  1. Oh how divine! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  2. I was just posting on their black-teal-white gift wrapping yesterday which I think is so striking. I can only imagine the detailing on all these lacey lovelies. Love from Canada. XO

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